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Video: Meet the Candidate

By Scott Kirkland, on Nov 1, 2010

Scott explains his platform in this five minute video segment hosted by KTVU. Watch now. (Link opens in new window.)

KTVU Segment

We Can't Afford Mike Honda

By Scott Kirkland, on Oct 31, 2010

My Children can't afford Mike Honda, and neither can yours.

Radio Ad: People Like Scott (60sec)

By Scott Kirkland, on Oct 31, 2010

We asked voters around all around the 15th District who they wanted to elect to Congress...

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Radio Ad: Give Me Two Years (60sec)

By Scott Kirkland, on Oct 26, 2010

Give me one term to work on this mess in Washington. I ask for your vote.

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Improving Public Education

By Scott Kirkland, on Oct 9, 2010

Why Wait for Superman?

Rep. Mike Honda's take on the documentary “Waiting for Superman” highlights one of the basic differences between us. While “Waiting” struck a chord in each of us, I was surprised at how differently we saw the film’s message. Maybe I shouldn't have been.